About Us


About Us

Feel GREAT about what you eat and help ensure that in OUR city, no one goes hungry, ever.

Introducing HUNGRY BOX, home-cooked style food with a cause.

We are located in busy areas around the city and offer nutritionally complete,    gourmet meals at prices that allow many to “eat out” more frequently.

Our ingredients are of the freshest quality, locally sourced and completely handmade.

Our menu is cleverly crafted to leverage economies of scale on all of our ingredients allowing us to pass the savings on to our customers.

Our centralized kitchen delivers fresh, ready to eat products to our small kiosk-style storefronts around the city each day.

Finally, what truly sets HUNGRY BOX apart, is that for each HUNGRY BOX purchased, we donate and personally deliver the exact same meal to the hungry and homeless.

ONE for ONE, 365 days a year.